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Meet SSWhite Duflex, a company with almost 100 years of experience in the Brazilian dental market

The SSWhite

Nearly 100 years of operation in the Brazilian dental market SSWhite has been active in the Brazilian dental market for almost 100 years, presenting a diversified line of medicines and correlates focused on providing the dental surgeon with high quality and reliability. This care can be observed from the packaging of our products to the Customer Service that works with the guideline to always serve the best dental surgeon that is the reason for this company to exist.

As a highlight, SSWHITE is always looking for innovation and therefore, it keeps the doors open to develop a close relationship with professors from all universities and specialization courses in Brazil, valuing research and encouraging Brazilian talent in dentistry.

The Duflex

Headquartered in Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais, Duflex is synonymous with quality in the manufacture of instruments. Hardness and flexibility are the main characteristics of an instrument recognized in the market as one of the best in the world of dentistry. This recognition is due to the strict and modern quality control of DUFLEX, and also allows the tracking of its line, from the production to the moment in which the hands of the professional arrives through a distributor.

Thus we can follow the product cycle in the pre and post sale phases, giving even more reliability to a product of high quality. This is another differential that we offer: Products of the highest quality, at a fair price and with the guarantee that only those who know what they can do.

Contact SSWhite

Street: Senador Alencar 160, São Cristovão - RJ
+55 21 2122.9303 / 9304

Contact Duflex

Street: Nicolino Baldi, 20 - Nova Era, Juiz de Fora - MG
+55 32 2101.5466